SONiC Moving Past the Early Adopter Stage

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650 Group Weighs in on SONiC cloud networking for Network World

Aviz Networks this week has taken further steps to get SONiC open networks ready for enterprises to chase their #AI infrastructure and multi-cloud goals in and outside data centers. This means that as the technology matures, the market makes a move from early adopters to early majority, with much wider acceptance.

Here is an excerpt from NWW’s longtime reporter Michael Cooney in his latest article: …

Experts say enhancements such as (Aviz) Network Copilot can go a long way in attracting new customer and bringing valuable improvements to SONiC in general.

“We aren’t just in the early adopter part of the curve anymore.”

“There are a lot of new logos to SONiC in the past six months, and that list is a nice mix of enterprise verticals and business sizes, which is a good sign,” says Weckel.

“Network Copilot is important because it makes Aviz more unique in their offering and makes SONiC easier to consume,” said Alan Weckel, founder and industry analyst for the 650 Group. “This will add value to existing SONiC customers and should help enterprises evaluating SONiC look at SONiC as a more compelling option.”

The idea is to add value to SONiC, Weckel said.
“SONiC adoption has two layers: the SONiC proper and the additional features and solutions. The more features on top of a solution, the better the vendor will differentiate,” Weckel said.