Satellites and Enterprise Focus at MWC23

At this year’s Mobile World Congress show, two major themes emerged as significant to us: satellites, Managed Service Providers and a pivot to Enterprise markets. First, Samsung, Qualcomm, and MediaTek introduced satellite phone capabilities, following last year’s announcements by Apple and Starlink/T-Mobile USA’s entry to the satellite markets. Yes, there… Read More »Satellites and Enterprise Focus at MWC23

Mavenir Hightlights is RAN Progress at its Analyst Meeting

Mavenir held its annual analyst event this week and highlighted some important information highlighting its progress in transitioning to a maturing ecosystem player in the telecom equipment industry.  The company highlighted its recent Koch Brothers $500M investment; existing investors include Intel/Nvidia and Siris Capital, who remain majority equity holders.  The… Read More »Mavenir Hightlights is RAN Progress at its Analyst Meeting

The Party-Crashers of MWC21

This week’s MWC Barcelona 2021 had several themes; the most important was that several outsiders to the telecom industry were ever-present.  The new entrants – the party-crashers – included Starlink, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Compute, and NVidia.  These new players are forcing change either through economics, new technology,… Read More »The Party-Crashers of MWC21

Ericsson’s Cradlepoint Acquisition Poses Opportunities and Risks

Ericsson has served the mobile service provider industry well over the years.  Most devices connected to its customers’ networks are mobile phones; this, however, is changing.  Internet of Things (IoT) devices are entering the fray and provide an avenue for growth, as is the enterprise market.  Additionally, Ericsson’s channels have… Read More »Ericsson’s Cradlepoint Acquisition Poses Opportunities and Risks