DAC Limitations Drive Server Connectivity Market Towards Active Copper Cables (ACC)

We recently did a whitepaper on ACC cables and their role in the data center going forward.  Server access and DAC is at a crossroads, with DAC reaching its limits as we move towards 800G ports and 112G SERDES lanes.  We can’t use DAC like we did in previous server cycles as the gauge of the cable increases and the distance becomes too short.  Server cabling with DAC with such a large gauge cable also begins to limit airflow.  

The white paper discusses the different speed migration paths between Hyperscalers, AI Clusters, the Rest of Cloud, and Enterprises.  We also touch on the other vendors for ACC and AEC and the sizing of the market.  We view Active Copper as a large and new market to address the 112G PAM4 SERDES generation of server access.

Read the ACC White Paper Here