HPE Plans to Acquire Juniper for $14 B in Cash

HPE Portfolio Will Now Span Super Computing, Servers, Storage, Campus Networking, Security, and Internet Routing with a big focus on AI/ML

Today, HPE announced its intent to acquire Juniper. The deal is expected to close in late 2024 or early 2025. Once the deal closes, HPE plans to have Rami Rahim (current Juniper CEO) run the new HPE Networking group.

Acquisition history: HPE is no stranger to networking acquisitions. HPE originally had ProCurve Networking and started the networking acquisition spree in 2010 when it bought 3Com (which also created the H3C JV). It is followed by Aruba (for WLAN), Plexxi (for fabric networking), SilverPeak (for SD-WAN), and now Juniper (For DC Switching, Cloud and AI Networking, Routing, and Security). The company also developed VirtualConnect for its Blade Servers and Slingshot Networking for HPC/AI. This represents an incredible networking journey over the past 15 years.

Substantial Market Share in North America (Using the first three quarters of 2023): The combined company will be a top 2/3 vendor across most networking markets:

  • Campus Switching: #2 in North America
  • Branded DC Switching: #3 in North America
  • SD-WAN:  #2 in North America
  • SP Routing: #2 in North America
  • WLAN: #2 in North America

The combined company will give HPE significant new exposure to the telecom and cloud networking markets while strengthening the high-end enterprise networking market with Mist.

We are very excited and want to congratulate HPE and Juniper on the acquisition—a big bang at the beginning of 2024 in the M&A space. If you want to learn more, let us know. We have HPE and Juniper in over 20 market research reports from some of the segments mentioned above to NaaS, AI/ML Networking, Servers, AI/ML Servers, Storage, Security, and other research areas.