Marvell 2021 Industry analyst day take-aways

Today, Marvell held its Industry Analyst day, showcasing a year of hard work and two significant acquisitions (Inphi and Innovium).  Throughout the sessions, primarily focused on data center, automotive, and 5G, Marvell did an excellent job of highlighting the progress they have made over the past year and the increased breadth of the portfolio that both Innovium and Inphi bring.

Additionally, we were impressed by the amount of 5nm announcements throughout 2021 and the focus on infrastructure and a component and full solution level.
Marvell’s view aligns with the speed and technology innovations inside the data center and our forecasts in these segments. First, the market evaluates 800Gbps ports via 25.6 Tbps ASICs through 2022. Then, it looks beyond that to 1.6 Tbps and 3.2 Tbps ports and the possible insertion of CPO and silicon photonics directly to the ASIC.  Also, highlights are that bandwidth growth is accelerating for many areas of the Cloud.  This acceleration in data transport is changing how data centers are architected and aligns with Cloud providers’ goal of using a mix of custom, semi-custom, and merchant solutions.
We view the market for data center switching as in the early stages of a massive upgrade and greenfield expansion to support a whole new set of AI applications and look forward to 2022 announcements.