Product Rich Announcements at Nokia’s SReXperts Americas 2023

New Products Include Purpose Built FPcx NPU (Routing Silicon), 7730 SXR Routers, SR Linux

Nokia made a big splash of announcements at the company’s SReXperts Americas 2023 earlier this month. True to the company’s heritage, we got a slew of introductions from a new purpose-built NPU (Routing ASIC) to new hardware and operating system.

The FPcx NPU highlights the need for specialty ASICs in an area of routing that many vendors don’t invest enough into and are built from the ground up. Combining the NPU in the 7730 SXR router platform fills an essential area in the market above merchant silicon and below high-end routing NPUs. 

You can’t have good hardware without software, and SR Linux entering the routing domain highlights years of engineering to make the 7730 SXR flexible and adaptable to current and future workloads. The industry sometimes overlooks the OS and innovation. However, SR Linux helps highlight how much change and flexibility a new OS can have while providing hardened features that customers expect to work as they migrate.

Customer reaction to the announcement was strong and enthusiastic, and we were excited to see the announcements. We look forward to seeing customer adoption of the products in the coming quarters.