650 Group Forecasts the Enterprise Wi-Fi 6E Market to Exceed $1B by 2025

Recent FCC Ruling Opens Door to Expanded Spectrum and Capacity Boosted by 3-4X of Standard Wi-Fi Leading to Growth Opportunities

PORTOLA VALLEY, Calif.  April 23, 2020 —  According to a new forecast report issued by 650 Group, revenues for the Wi-Fi 6E-based Enterprise + Outdoor Wireless LAN market will exceed $1B by 2025. Additionally, the consumer WLAN infrastructure Wi-Fi 6E market, which includes routers, consumer mesh, extenders and broadband CPE with WLAN, will also grow to well over $1B in 2025.  

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has now unanimously approved draft rules for the 6 Ghz Band, unleashing 1,200 Megahertz for unlicensed Use  of Wi-Fi 6E technology, giving it significantly more performance and a wider reach of applications.

“650 Group expects broad range demand as 6 GHz spectrum-based Wi-Fi 6E technology will take hold in the U.S. market,” said Chris DePuy, founding analyst for 650 Group. “Wi-Fi 6E technology addresses myriad pressing needs for enterprises, and consumers, including enabling critical communications, supporting Gigabit per second class throughput, and, most urgently, addressing the new realities that Wi-Fi communications are more critical than ever before in the post COVID-19 world.”

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