650 Group Report: Multi-Cloud to Drive Significant Workload Growth; Workloads FORECAST TO IncreasE Nearly 500% by 2025

Colocation Providers Have a Key Role in Enterprise Deployment as Well as Future AI and ML Workloads

INCLINE VILLAGE, NEV. Feb. 3, 2021 – According to a new report published by 650 Group, titled Workloads and Multi-Cloud Forecast 2020-2025, the worldwide number of workloads being deployed will increase nearly 500% by 2025.  Workloads continue to evolve for both search and social clouds, as well as IaaS and SaaS providers.

Workload definitions evolve as technology expands.  Historically, the context of a workload tied it directly to the number of servers, and later, it was the number of virtual machines (VMs) or applications that spanned machines.  Today, the context evolves to the number of containers or individual serverless code-snippets.  The compute, storage, and networking infrastructure had to evolve to support how the application changes.  

“Multi-Cloud and new AI /ML workloads are driving significant investment in data centers with new compute and networking infrastructures emerging to address new workloads,” said Alan Weckel, Technology Analyst at 650 Group. “The time has passed for an application and its data to reside in one data center. There is a tremendous opportunity for new vendors in multi-cloud, as well as co-location, to address the evolving needs of enterprises.”

To purchase the report:
650 Group offers this report for $995 to a single user at a single company and $1,995 to a group of five users at a single company and have additional options for redistribution and external use of the data.  To purchase:  https://650group.com/multi-cloud-workloads-forecast-report.html
The report also discusses the impact of the changes to component suppliers, end-users, system vendors, and is targeted for System Vendors, ASIC suppliers, and component suppliers.

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