800 Gbps Switching, Routing, and DCI Market Opportunity to Exceed $10B in 2025; According to 650 Group

800 Gbps to Start the Transition to Co-packaging and Onboard Optics as Ethernet Switch ASICs race to 51.2 Tbps and 102.4 Tbps

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nevada, April 26, 2021 – According to a new report published by 650 Group, titled 800 Gbps Forecast 2020-2025, the worldwide market for 800 Gbps Switching and Routing, including the DCI use case, will exceed $10 Billion in revenue by 2025.  800 Gbps allows Ethernet Switches and Routers to take on additional DCI use cases with pluggable markets increasing the revenue opportunity compared to previous speeds.

ASIC vendors, OEMs, ODMs, and pluggable module companies need to find their niche in a market that the hyperscalers will increasingly dominate.  The 2025 Cloud market will see a fight in demand for speed and power and at the same time, a battle for the edge between hyperscalers, traditional telco providers, colocations operators, and enterprises.  While 400 Gbps will start some of these trends, 800 Gbps will have a higher revenue opportunity over the long term.

“800 Gbps will be a critical technology and drive a robust ecosystem of suppliers in the Ethernet Switch and Routing markets,” said Alan Weckel, Founding Technology Analyst at 650 Group. “ASICs continue to push the technology envelope to meet the needs for bandwidth from the hyperscalers and support the applications we use each day.  800 Gbps saves a tremendous amount of power per bit of traffic, and the newer technologies that go into this speed have widespread application for the remainder of the decade.”

To purchase the report, we offer this report for $995 to a single user at a single company and $1,995 to a group of five users at a single company and have additional options for redistribution and external use of the data.  To purchase:  www.650group.com/800-gbps-report.html

Vendors mentioned in the report include Arista Networks, Broadcom, Cisco Systems, Dell, Huawei, Innovium, Intel, Juniper Networks, Marvell, Nokia, Nvidia, and many white box manufacturers.

The report also discusses the impact of ZR/ZR+, 112 Gbps/224 Gbps SERDES, and different optical speeds and the impacts those technologies will have on the migration to higher speeds and their potential applications for co-packaging, onboard optics, and photonics.

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