Cloud Providers Evaluating Multi-Vendor Solutions for 400 Gbps Connectivity, According to 650 Group

ASIC Diversity at the Leaf/Spine and DCI Core Key to 400 Gbps at Apple, AWS, Facebook, Google and Microsoft Azure

PORTOLA VALLEY, Calif.– June 22, 2020 – A newly released report by 650 Group, a leading Market Intelligence Research firm for communications, data center, and cloud markets, indicates that the ASIC segment of the data center switching market is rapidly migrating to 12.8 Tbps and 56 Gbps SERDES based products.  The report also showed significant evaluations occurring at each of the hyperscalers at the ASIC and system level for both Top-of-Rack (Leaf / Spine) L2 ASICs and L3+ ASICs for the Core (DCI, Metro Spine).

“1Q20 recorded record shipments in 400 Gbps and strong 100 Gbps demand in the hysperscalers,” said Alan Weckel, Founder and Technology Analyst at 650 Group.  “ASIC diversity is critical to hyperscalers goal of a diversified supply chain. Historically Cloud providers would pick the same ASIC and have multiply vendors manufacture a switch platform. With current-generation products, hyperscalers are pushing towards additional ASIC diversity.”’

The 650 Group Quarterly Merchant Silicon report also indicates what impact the industry standards bodies efforts on 224 Gbps SERDES and co-packaging on the Ethernet Switch and Router markets.  The report highlights the migration away from 10 Gbps ports to 25 Gbps ports in the enterprise and the Cloud migration towards 100 Gbps and 400 Gbps.

About the Merchant Silicon Quarterly Report
The Merchant Silicon Quarterly Report offers a market assessment of vendor performance and market share in the ASICs that sell into the Ethernet Switch market.  The report covers ASICs by SERDES speed and tracks companies like Broadcom, Innovium, Intel (Barefoot), Nvidia(Mellanox) as well as other ASICs sold into the data center.  For more information about the report, contact the sales department at 650 Group at +1 650 600 7104 or

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