Chris DePuy

Technology Analyst and co-founder of 650 Group

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Has Wi-Fi 6E

Our forecast for both Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7 is quite bullish. We expect the switchover towards 6 GHz-based Wi-Fi infrastructure to be more rapid than previous upgrade cycles. Part of our thinking has been that important, high-volume devices like smartphones will incorporate Wi-Fi 6E capabilities. Today, at Apple’s September… Read More »Apple iPhone 15 Pro Has Wi-Fi 6E

Nokia’s Shift to US-Based Manufacturing Grabs Fed’s Attention

On August 3, in Pleasant Prarie, Wisconsin, Nokia executives announced plans to be the first telecom company to manufacture its fiber-optic broadband products and optical modules in the U.S. for us in the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) program. Nokia is a significant supplier to the US market, and… Read More »Nokia’s Shift to US-Based Manufacturing Grabs Fed’s Attention

Huawei Analyst Summit 2023 Review

Huawei chose to address two main themes in its keynotes at HAS2023, a focus on basic R&D and the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Like last year’s presentations, the company continues to emphasize its ongoing efforts to develop new science and algorithms to keep Huawei ahead of competitors.  For instance,… Read More »Huawei Analyst Summit 2023 Review