650 Group Interview about 60 Ghz Wireless Market and a Follow-Up about Throughput and Range

Yesterday, analyst Chris DePuy joined Water Tower Research analyst John Roy in a discussion about the 60 GHz wireless market.  If you want to learn more about this emerging market, please listen in to this 30 minute interview about 60 GHz.

During the interview, John asked Chris about how fast and far 60 GHz systems can go, and Chris cited some information from Facebook Terragraph’s experiences with Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) deployments in Europe.  Coincidentally, Chris received an email from Ubiquiti, an equipment vendor in the 60 GHz market, in which Ubiquiti cited recent 60 GHz results about a contest it is holding with users of Ubiquiti’s new 60 GHz Point to Point (P2P) product.  The results shared in this email (dated Jan 21, 2021) are stunning, with 60 GHz P2P ranges of up to 17.87 km and throughputs as high as 1.62 Gbps.