650 Group publishes 1Q’22 Telecom Core Market and Long-Term Forecast Results

In 1Q22, revenues of the Telecom Core market were 4% greater than the year-ago quarter, according to our recently updated report.  The market has been inconsistent in performance over the past four quarters, oscillating between Y/Y growth and Y/Y declines.  The report also includes an updated long-term forecast.  For the outer years of our forecast, we are maintaining our long-term forecast since the previous report.  

Amdocs experienced the strongest Y/Y revenue performance, while Ingate experienced the strongest sequential (Q/Q) revenue performance.  

The top 5 vendors in the quarter (ranked by revenue size in the report) were the following:
1. Huawei – grew Y/Y
2. Nokia – grew Y/Y
3. Amdocs – grew Y/Y
4. ZTE – declined Y/Y
5. Ericsson – declined Y/Y

Regional revenue performance in the quarter for the largest four regions was as follows:
North America – grew Y/Y
Europe – grew Y/Y
Greater China – declined Y/Y
Asia Pacific (excluding China) – grew Y/Y

650 Group’s Telecom Core report breaks out over fifteen vendors and includes detailed segmentation, forecasting, and market shares.  Please contact us for press inquiries and further report information.  In 650 Group’s top vendor performance, we only include vendors broken out directly in the report. Other vendor’s in our rest-of-market category are not included in the top performing list.

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