650 Group Quick Take: MULTI-Cloud Operating Models Accelerate with NEW deal between HashiCorp and Cisco

In the news this week, Cisco has entered an agreement to sell HashiCorp Terraform® Cloud Business alongside its own Cisco Intersight® platform.

Cisco and HashiCorp are helping enterprises accelerate application innovation, including automated management and security, across hybrid clouds. The deal helps enterprises achieve a hybrid cloud operating model using HashiCorp’s “infrastructure as code” for network provisioning and management of private data centers via Intersight.

The Cisco Intersight Service for Terraform will offer a bridge to easily and securely integrate on-premises environments with Terraform Cloud Business, and enable IT Ops and DevOps teams to automate infrastructure provisioning using infrastructure as code across hybrid cloud.

Why this matters?
This arrangement provides flexibility to those organizations running both public cloud and private data center environments.

Because provisioning can be complex across multiple clouds, customers can benefit from HashiCorp Terraform Cloud as it allows Network Operation teams to provision multi-cloud infrastructure, and manage risks for security, compliance, and operational constraints in a more automated and consistent way, and then extend provisioning into private networks/data centers.

Additionally, infrastructure security for applications and services across multi-cloud environments and private/distributed data centers remains paramount for enterprises. Specifically addressed security elements in the Cisco + HashiCorp agreement include policy, SSO, and audit logging. Implementing automation tools to keep settings and policies consistent — and easily replicated— goes a long way towards ensuring data is protected to a high standard, wherever it is moving.

Lastly, according to the press release, Cisco will also offer centralized support across customers’ Intersight and HashiCorp Terraform Cloud Business environments under the Cisco Solution Support program.