Aerohive A3 – Enhanced Network Access Control (ENAC) System Hitting the Market

Earlier this year, Aerohive issued a press release about its A3 software system.  A3 is what we categorize as an Enhanced Network Access Control (ENAC) system; we calculate market share statistics on this market in our Security report series.  The company is now getting ready to bring the product to market and is blitzing the media, so to speak.  We were briefed and learned more about the product. To summarize, it checks the boxes necessary for us to include it in our ENAC report and we like that it has a common user interface to allow customers to perform device profiling, authentication / registration, compliance / remediation, device management, billing integration and network access control.

Our outlook for ENAC is positive and, today, three main vendors consist of the majority of share: Cisco (with ICE), Aruba (with Clearpass) and ForeScout.  We learned that company has more aggressive pricing than these market leaders.  If you look at why a product like A3 is important to Aerohive, recall that back when Aruba introduced Clearpass back in 2012/2013, it used it as a selling tool to get into its competitors’ accounts (it also got high margin sales from Clearpass, too).  Aerohive’s A3 is positioned similarly – it operates with its competitors’ equipment (including those from Cisco, Ruckus, Extreme and others).  So, Aerohive has developed another means of selling to customers, by offering A3 to customers using non-Aerohive equipment.