Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Broadens its In-House Developed enterprise-class WLAN Product Line

Back on 5/9/17, we discussed how Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) had announced its in-house developed enterprise-class WLAN products.  A couple days ago (on 9/20/17), ALE announced further developments to its WLAN product line and now has a broadening product line of Stellar WLAN products.  Initially, ALE announced a lower end Stellar product.  Now, with this 9/20/17 announcement, in Stellar products have moved up-market and include the AP1220, AP1230 and AP1251.  ALE continues to offer the HPE Aruba products to customers, but it is clear, in looking at the amount of space on the WLAN products page at ALE’s website, that it is increasingly promoting its in-house Stellar brand – and why not?

It is encouraging to see a new set of products enter the enterprise-class WLAN market with ALE’s announcement.  We will be tracking ALE’s progress in the coming quarters, but initial results of the Stellar product line have shown it is growing strongly as a proportion of total WLAN revenues.