Amazon Shows Off Chip Advancements in Day 1 of Re:Invent

Today, Amazon kicked off AWS Re:Invent with the Andy Jassy keynote.  We were impressed to see David M. Solomon, CEO of Goldman Sachs, on stage, talking about how the Apple credit card was built on top of AWS.  The claim that it could not launch a card like that without the Cloud was interested.

On to chips…
Graviton 2 was announced today.  64 cores, 7nm with 25 Gbps networking is impressive for a 2nd generation CPU.  Graviton 2 being on 7nm already is also very impressive, showing how far and fast Anapurna has gone since being acquired by Amazon.  Amazon claimed a 40% better price-performance than x86.

New Inf1 instances for AI.  Built on Anapurna chip development.  Again, quoting a 40% lower cost than the lasts NVIDIA chips for inference.

Some other highlights of today included:
40% of new AWS customers start with Fargate for containers
SSD speed is outpacing the CPU and networking, potentially causing a bottle neck
The largest amount of PoPs, backbone, and direct connect of any IaaS provider