Arista Networks to Acquire Mojo Networks

Fast-growing Ethernet Switch vendor Arista Networks announced plans to acquire Mojo Networks, an Enterprise-class WLAN vendor today.  The deal is expected to close in C3Q18.  This deal douses hopes that Arista may buy other WLAN vendors, in our view.  Mojo Networks is unique in the WLAN industry: (a) it has a different business model from competitors, and (b) as of Aug 2018, it manages more Enterprise-class Access Points using Artificial Intelligence than other vendors.  Arista says that it plans to use Mojo AI in its Cognitive Cloud Networking for Campus initiative.

Mojo Networks has taken revenue for cloud-managed services and has not taken revenue from the sale of Access Points.  The Access Points are sold by distributors who make a small margin and drop ship them to Mojo Networks customers.  The Mojo Networks revenue from cloud-managed services is significant when compared to other vendors in the Enterprise-class WLAN market.  Additionally, because Mojo’s Access Point selling partners charge only a small premium for the hardware, Mojo customers benefit with a lower total cost for the Access Points, than, say, Cisco or HPE Aruba Access Points.