At NVidia GTC Keynote – Jensen UnleashES Years’ Worth of Announcements in One Session


NVidia Announcements impact every industry, and every company in the world

Today’s GTC keynote by Jensen unleashed significant enhancements across the NVidia portfolio.

NVidia did an excellent job of discussing verticals and giving examples with the company, clearly positioning itself as a leader in the data center space with expertise in ASIC development.

A clear theme throughout is that AI/ML is moving at a slightly faster pace than Moore’s law, and in many cases, applications that used to take days to years can now complete in a fraction of the time.  These advancements will forever change verticals, like transportation and healthcare.

We are just a few years away from having over 100 trillion parameter models.  The results of such large datasets will change how we construct data centers.  Not only will this milestone usher in technologies like silicon photonics, but we will also see new ways to power and cool these data centers.  Moving data into the data center will drive significant growth in DCI using ZR/ZR+ options.  End-users will not be aware of the cloud’s computational power going into every aspect of their lives.

We see innovation in AI and the use of AI in enterprises as still in its infancy, and for markets like data center switching and servers, AI is an additional growth driver over the next few years.  650 Group looks forward to other GTC events this week.