Nokia Analyst Meeting: an Enterprise Focus

Last week, at Nokia’s analyst meeting in Helsinki, it discussed its achievements and its challenges.  The company’s successes include its traction and product introductions on the enterprise market, its market traction in selling Nokia’s end-to-end portfolio, and its 5G market momentum.  Management reiterated that Nokia has signed 50 5G deals… Read More »Nokia Analyst Meeting: an Enterprise Focus

OFC 2018 Theme: 400 Gbps

We attended the #OFC18 show and found the major theme to be the emergence of 400 Gbps modules.  The next most noteworthy theme, we though, was that made by a single company, Nokia, which made its PSE-3 engine announcement.  Juniper also caused a buzz with the introduction of its ACX6360… Read More »OFC 2018 Theme: 400 Gbps