ERicsson and Juniper Re-Partner To Pursue 5G; ECI also announced

Yesterday, Ericsson and Juniper announced plans to partner to tackle 5G transport challenges together.  Additionally, Ericsson announced a partnership with optical transport company, ECI.  The companies said that Ericsson’s Router 6000 product family will focus on fronthaul and backhaul and edge compute and will be complemented by Juniper MX, PTX and SRX Series portfolios providing edge, core and security capabilities.  Additionally, in today’s presentation to analysts, Ericsson showed that the overall transport capability from Ericsson will also include Optical Transport from both ECI Telecom and Ciena.  The Ericsson Network Manager will be capable of managing not only Ericsson products, but also the three families of products from Juniper.

ECI will be used for Metro, and will be completely integrated with the Ericsson OSS platform.  The company conceded that it is de-emphasizing its in-house metro optical product line and focusing on ECI.  Ciena will be used for long-haul transport predominantly, mainly the Ciena 6500 product.  Ericsson concedes that both ECI and Ciena products can move to other domains.

To enable automation for 5G, Ericsson can only guarantee that networks working with Ericsson and its partners can successfully be automated.  This automation / partnership topic illustrates just how complex it will be to make 5G networks work properly.

Recall that Ericsson and Juniper had a close partnership that goes back many years.  In fact, the Juniper router predecessor to the MX was used as the underlying hardware for Ericsson’s very important GGSN/SGSN and later EPC capabilities. Ericsson eventually replaced the Juniper product for EPC with its own Router 6000.  Subsequently, Ericsson announced a partnership with Cisco, which was more general in nature.  That relationship did not result in much tangible progress, from what we have learned; and the relationship was done under previous management teams for both Cisco and Ericsson.  Ericsson explained today in its analyst briefing that Cisco and Ericsson compete in several areas.  So, this new Juniper relationship is important in that it re-kindles an old relationship and plays to both companies’ strengths.