H3C and Qualcomm jointly Announce 802.11ax WLAN product availability for September 2018

H3C and Qualcomm announced the planned availability of the WA6628 802.11ax Wireless LAN Access Point; it is slated for September 2018 shipments.  This new Access Point uses the Qualcomm IPQ8078 part number – we checked the Qualcomm website and we cannot find this part on the website.  So, we assume that this is a future product.

While the H3C press release is not the first 802.11ax Access Point get announced (Huawei, for instance, announced its own .11ax product in early 2017), this is important because this press announcement has a specific shipment date – September 2018.

Additionally, it is generally expected that another set of announcements are imminent from vendors using Broadcom chips.  Looks like Qualcomm and H3C wanted to get ahead of those announcements.