Nokia – 7750 SR – The race to 400 Gbps and Cloud Scale

Today Nokia announced its new FP4 ASIC and 7750 SR Router.  Playing the leapfrogging game on speeds, we saw 36  400 Gbs ports in a 2RU box that looks awfully similar to a spine switch and the further blurring of what a next gen router and switch really look like, especially in the Cloud.

We heard continued confusion over winning Cloud scale accounts.  We note that a customer like Apple buys from multiple vendors and for multiple reasons.  What Apple builds for their own consumption is not what they will deploy in a telco provider or peering location.

The debate between merchant silicon and custom ASICs continues to come up.  While we are slightly in favor of merchant silicon, we note that the Cloud providers do not fear custom ASICs, they merely want to have standard APIs to control that equipment.

We note the Nokia ports are DDQSFP and not OSFP so we do not have a clear answer on form factor either.  We now wait for the next product announcement with the only clear answer that we are in a phase of rapid innovation in order to keep up with the network traffic demands of the Cloud.