The Future of Networks, From Edge to Cloud – Intel Webinar

Today, Alan Weckel participated in Intel’s webinar on how technology is changing from the edge to the cloud.  It was clear working on this project that the data center is rapidly innovating to next-generation technologies to keep pace with data growth.  How will networks for communication service providers (CoSPs), cloud service providers (CSPs), and enterprises evolve to handle the dramatically increasing data volumes expected in the coming years? Increasing data volumes are being driven today by smartphones, laptops, IoT, and, in the near future, by emerging 5G-enabled services. 650 Group’s internal projections indicate that data entering/exiting the data center (north/south) is driven mostly by consumer content (e.g., video). In contrast, a wide range of use cases ranging from enterprise applications, consumer data, and cloud applications drive data between machines.

As part of the webinar, we authored a white paper on how quickly technology is involving in the data center.  As we did our end-user interviews during the last few months, we saw many advancements in technology to support the growth of data in the cloud.  We are excited to see all the new announcements coming as we close out 2020 and enter 2021.

Please download the white paper by clicking on the link below.

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